Jumat, 10 April 2009

3 OS in 1 PC

I have PC with Bioastar MB, AMD Duran 9500 Processor, 128 MB RAM and 20 GB HDD.
I have been install 3 Operating System in My PC.

The frist time, I make 5 partition HDD. 5 GB with FAT32, 4 GB Unformated, 5 GB with NTFS, 3 GB with FAT32 and 3 GB with NTFS.

After complete Partition, I start install Windows Milleium. Include with driver and apalikasi software.

In net step, I am install Windows Xp.
Ending, I am install Linux RedHad 9.

So, now. I have 3 in 1 OS.

I do it, because I want clear My job, quicly, I get it from Windows Millenium.
Sometime, anydata in interet Eplorer can not open with Internet Explorer 5, so I do it in Windows Xp with Internet Explorer 7. Anytime, I must do something with linux. i get it from Redhad 9.

Now. I am enjoy with My PC.

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